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Blog Creation

Nowadays the blog is the website’s highly successful best friend. It’s easy to use and allows, among other advantages, a close and loyal connection between you and your customers.

What is a blog exactly? Here’s a good definition:

"A blog is a type of website – or a part of a website – that’s used for publishing articles on a regular and periodic basis. The articles are usually short and tend to contain news or professional content.

Like in journals, these articles are usually dated and signed and appear in reverse chronological order, in other words the newest topic will appear at the top and the oldest topic at the bottom."


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Website Audit

Because of the vast number of websites online you have only 5-8 seconds to persuade users to stay on yours.

Your site must be clear and user friendly, it has to have high page download speed, and a strong call inviting users to take the action you wish them to take.

The audit enables you to make sure the site is compatible to google, to your users and to others. The goal is not to gain as many entries as possible but to turn users into customers or members: filling out an online form, online sales, signing up for a newsletter mailing list.

The goal of the audit, which is performed by an expert, is to create retention, optimize all your website features and their compatibility to google and to users from your target audience.

An additional goal is to improve the quality of your site, blog, online store and e-commerce.

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Professional E-mailing

With the reputation of being the most efficient direct marketing strategy, business emails have become an essential commercial communication tool.

With the use of business emails, you will be able to strengthen your bond with present and past clients in order to encourage their loyalty.

But above all you will be able to acquire new clients in order to persuade them to buy a product or order a service in the present or the future.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your website is ranked low in the search result list or if it has been stuck in the same place for years, Atomix can offer you Search Engine Optimization services.

A variety of website promotion techniques can be provided at various stages and in the long run in order to maximize you exposure on Google:

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